Disruptive Innovators

Building a Sustainable Healthcare System with David Sylvan of University Hospitals

This week, David Wright talks with David Sylvan, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of University Hospitals, about healthcare innovation and digital health. David Sylvan shares insights from his varied career, his role in leading strategy and innovation, and the future of healthcare. Key Takeaways: (02:16) David Sylvan introduces his roles at University Hospitals and talks about the system’s size and…

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Leading Through Innovation in Healthcare with Jessica Kalinowski of connectRN

This week, David Wright is joined by Jessica Kalinowski, VP of DevOps and Corporate IT for connectRN, to explore how embracing challenges and leveraging technology can enhance healthcare delivery and clinician support. Key Takeaways: (02:23) Jessica introduces her role and the mission of connectRN to improve work-life balance for clinicians. (03:08) The importance of stepping out of your comfort zone…

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