Disruptive Innovators

Leading Through Innovation in Healthcare with Jessica Kalinowski of connectRN

This week, David Wright is joined by Jessica Kalinowski, VP of DevOps and Corporate IT for connectRN, to explore how embracing challenges and leveraging technology can enhance healthcare delivery and clinician support. Key Takeaways: (02:23) Jessica introduces her role and the mission of connectRN to improve work-life balance for clinicians. (03:08) The importance of stepping out of your comfort zone…

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Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Patient Care with Aaron Wootton of Huntzinger

This week, Huntzinger Partner and Executive Vice President Dr. William Reed, PhD is joined by Aaron Wootton, Chief Digital Officer of Huntzinger Management Group, to delve into the integration of AI and digital technologies in healthcare. They discuss the transformational role of these technologies in improving patient care and operational efficiency.  Key Takeaways: (03:40) Telemedicine and call centers as transformative…

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How Financial Struggles Lead to Innovative Breakthroughs with Manjit Rana of Clearspeed

This week, David Wright is joined by Manjit Rana, Executive VP of Clearspeed, to explore the topic of disruptive technologies in the insurance industry and the power of voice analysis technology. Key Takeaways: (01:30) Looking at challenges from different perspectives to enhance creativity and innovation. (04:13) Disruption typically comes from outside an industry, emphasizing the need for external insights. (09:57)…

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