This week, David Wright is joined by Dr. Zeev Neuwirth – Healthcare Executive and Author – to discuss the most critical challenges, trends and solutions in the healthcare industry. Dr. Neuwirth is also the founder, producer and host of Creating a New Healthcare Podcast and the author of Reframe Healthcare and Beyond The Walls.

Key Takeaways:

(02:08) Our healthcare system fails to properly serve patients, families and providers.

(08:06) The dominant flaws include racism, sexism, ageism and reductionism.

(14:11) Humanism and consumerism should guide improvements.

(26:50) A new strategy based on digital enablement and business model transformation.

(37:24) The healthcare crisis reflects and impacts larger societal problems.

(43:11) Speaking out against the status quo is crucial for change.

Resources Mentioned:

Beyond the Walls

Creating a New Healthcare Podcast

Dr. Zeev Neuwirth’s YouTube channel

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