This week, David Wright talks with Josh Goode, Chief Information Officer of SCAN Group and SCAN Health Plan. Josh discusses key learnings from his career, including why it’s vital to keep showing up to do your best work, even in difficult situations, while maintaining a growth mindset.

Key Takeaways:

(02:27) Modernization is a continuous journey, not a point-in-time project.

(10:07) Show up and do your best work, even in tough situations. 

(13:19) Look for opportunities to learn and grow daily. 

(23:26) Leverage data aggregation across healthcare to drive personalized member experiences.

(32:21) Develop a network, lean on it, and learn from others’ experiences.

(38:38) Adopt new technologies like AI in an ethical manner to reduce complexity in healthcare.

Resources Mentioned:

The Phoenix Project

The Mountain Between Us 

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