This week, host David Wright welcomes Tom Ferrucci, Chief Information Officer at Natco Home Group, to explore:

  • Tom’s current role as CIO and the growing importance of IT during volatile times, with cybersecurity concerns and the need for innovation.

  • The benefits of becoming a good listener and asking good questions.

  • How human connection is a sign of good leadership.

  • The impact of identifying key people to learn from and having good mentors.

  • How taking over a project mid-flight highlighted the necessity for evaluating an entire project from day one.

  • How to get stronger and faster outcomes by implementing a feedback loop.

  • Tom’s vision of positioning IT as a competitive advantage so that sales, operations and finance departments can make better decisions.

  • Natco Home Group’s strong data warehouse and the challenge when people expect data faster.

  • How the company has implemented “Tech Tuesdays” to help with security awareness.


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