On this episode, host David Wright welcomes Michael Weinberg, Chief Information Officer at Tosca, to discuss:

  • One mistake Michael learned a lot from in his career.
  • Why you should always look to your leaders first and how culture trumps everything.
  • Why “The Happiness Advantage” is one of Michael’s favorite books.
  • The important distinction of “I get to” vs. “I have to” with regard to experiencing gratitude in your work.
  • Michael’s vision of changing the supply chain within the food industry by reducing costs and improving efficiency by utilizing reusable packaging.
  • Why sustainability should always be an incentive.
  • The benefits of being mostly cloud-based.
  • Some of the best team practices to foster and the importance of a positive communication mentality.
  • Why you must always think of how your business could potentially get disrupted.
  • The advantage of sharing your weaknesses, which builds trust and cohesiveness within a team.


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