On this episode of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast, host David Wright welcomes Rachel Lockett, Chief Information Officer at Pohlad Companies, to the show. Starting as a programmer, Rachel moved into technology management early in her career. Leading and helping people reach their potential within the technology realm is her passion in life. Pohlad Companies is a private and family-owned business out of Minneapolis. They oversee various companies from real estate to automotive and robotics. They also own the Minnesota Twins baseball team. Rachel oversees digital transformation, information security, and, her favorite, leadership development. Throughout the episode, Rachel hits on the theme of people and the processes behind tech management. Rachel is authoring a book on why technology isn’t so crucial as communications. Rachel says one of Pohlad’s most significant challenges is finding and retaining talent. She believes in strengthening the collaboration between the business and technology sides. Then there won’t be a skilled labor shortage. What if most problems in the world could be solved with technology? Rachel believes this is the case. The only way for technology to rise to its potential is to improve people and the process side.


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