Join David Wright as he speaks with Winston Beauchamp, Deputy Chief Information Officer at the United States Department of the Air Force. Winston talks about his journey toward this privileged position and the lessons learned along the way. He also shares developments in the IT industry.

David and Winston discuss:

  • The most important lessons of Winston’s illustrious career.

  • Winston’s responsibilities as CIO working for the DoD.

  • The trends developing in various intersecting tech industries.

  • The key lesson Winston has learned about effective communication in life and business.

  • How the DoD emphasizes deliberate transitions to new technologies and acquisitions.

  • The potential of cloud migration to increase capacity and consolidation of systems within organizations.

  • The growing importance of improving security infrastructure by transitioning to a “zero-trust architecture.”

  • Innovative technologies like Cloud One, the leading Air Force provider of cloud computing platforms.


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