Join David Wright as he speaks with Anthony Darden, Vice President – Information Technology (CIO) at Protective Industries, Inc. Anthony talks about his career journey within the world of IT and the most important lessons learned along the way. He also shares developments and opportunities in the IT industry today.

David and Anthony discuss:

  • Trends serving diverse markets of core industrial, aerospace, medical, oil and gas.

  • How cloud adoption is changing the IT industry.

  • The importance of cybersecurity in the context of the uptake of ransomware attacks.

  • How Anthony started a successful IT project at the young age of 23.

  • The value of empathy in your organization.

  • The challenges and opportunities Anthony has found developing Caplug, a large manufacturing company applying IT innovations.

  • The real cost of cloud-based systems.

  • Why Anthony isn’t a fan of a purely offshore model and the value he places on local resources to support IT.

  • Anthony’s philosophy of valuing empathy, relatability and team orientation over pure technical knowledge to build a more successful organization.


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