Welcome to the launch of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast with host David Wright.

This podcast is for business leaders and those curious to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. Expect David to engage in personal conversations with CIOs and dynamic executives.

It will uncover their backstories, inspirations, visions, missions, best practices, and pitfalls. True disruption does not happen in a vacuum. It can rarely be accomplished without failing fast.

More about your host, David: he’s the Founder and CEO of Disruptive Innovations, headquartered out of New York City. David grew up with a love of technology, building computers and setting up local area networks as a kid. Self-teaching himself MCSC in high school, he dove headfirst into the IT consulting world after college. He has a strong and beautiful wife, an amazing one-year-old daughter, and a dog named Benji.

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