On this episode of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast, host David Wright welcomes Mona Flores, Global Head of Medical AI at NVIDIA, to the show.

For actionable advice, Mona recommends not being afraid to try new things. Growing up, she knew she wanted to help other people. Before transitioning to computer science, she first dived into medicine and worked as a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Mona saw the possibility of helping millions of patients instead of working with one at a time. She points out the potential of technology’s impact on healthcare—genome sequencing; drug discovery; medical imaging; health analytics—AI and advanced computing possibilities are near limitless.

Mona works at the intersection of NVIDIA’s technology stack and translational medicine. She explains the challenges she and her teams face and gives insights into the initiative she is currently working on—federated learning.

Mona gives practical takeaways on self-development throughout the episode. Vulnerability and accepting imperfections are key to learning and growing from mistakes. Listen to the episode to learn more!


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