This week, David Wright is joined by Manjit Rana, Executive VP of Clearspeed, to explore the topic of disruptive technologies in the insurance industry and the power of voice analysis technology.

Key Takeaways:

(01:30) Looking at challenges from different perspectives to enhance creativity and innovation.

(04:13) Disruption typically comes from outside an industry, emphasizing the need for external insights.

(09:57) The evolution of Manjit’s career, from the RAF to entrepreneurship and insurance. 

(19:47) Adapting and overcoming fear to foster entrepreneurial growth.

(23:44) Startups are more innovative than corporations because financial constraints force them to be creative and resourceful.

(36:08) Clearspeed’s technology, accuracy, and potential applications in various industries, such as security and recruitment.

(43:15) Innovative uses of Clearspeed technology in different contexts.

Resources Mentioned:


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