On this episode, David Wright speaks with Guy Hadari, SVP, Global CIO at Biogen. Guy shares insights about his role, as well as wisdom learned during his professional journey in the pharma life sciences. 

David and Guy discuss:

  • The rewards of leaving your comfort zone. 
  • How nothing in Guy’s life worked out as planned and why this turned out to be a good thing: It brought him to the place he is today.
  • How every failure is a disguised opportunity. 
  • The distinction between transformation and transposition: Most people call transpositions transformations. 
  • Common misperceptions about the role of CIO: It involves a lot more managing than a lot of people realize. 
  • How everybody wants to be a leader but nobody wants to manage. 
  • The challenges IT is facing right now, like which tech to choose to move Biogen forward.  


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