This week, David Wright talks with David Sylvan, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of University Hospitals, about healthcare innovation and digital health. David Sylvan shares insights from his varied career, his role in leading strategy and innovation, and the future of healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

(02:16) David Sylvan introduces his roles at University Hospitals and talks about the system’s size and partnerships.

(03:28) The importance of listening more and talking less for good leadership.

(04:56) David Sylvan’s career journey from South Africa to healthcare innovation.

(10:14) The challenges of selling into healthcare and integrating new technologies.

(17:21) The value of diverse backgrounds in innovation teams and dealing with uncertainty.

(18:15) David Sylvan’s current book, “Why Not Better and Cheaper?” and its relevance to healthcare.

(20:31) Key projects at University Hospitals, including reducing real estate and using AI to improve patient and provider experiences.

(25:51) How digital scribes can improve doctor-patient interactions by cutting down on paperwork.

(28:02) Major challenges in healthcare, like financial sustainability, legislative risks and workforce burnout.

(30:54) David Sylvan’s vision for the future of healthcare, focusing on digital access and home-based care.

Resources Mentioned:

Why Not Better and Cheaper? by Robert and James Rabitzer

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