On this episode, Vijay Sankaran, Chief Technology Officer at Johnson Controls joins host David Wright to discuss sustainability aspirations within IT and technology. 

Johnson Controls is a global, industrial leader in smart buildings with the mission of reimagining  sustainability performance. 

David and Vijay discuss: 

  • How buildings currently comprise 40% of all worldwide emissions. 
  • Vijay’s vision for Johnson Controls – to deliver cutting-edge solutions within sustainability, energy efficiency, asset health, safety, and security. 
  • One of the biggest aha- moments of Vijay’s career. 
  • How a good leader nurtures his or her team so that it can come up with its own solutions. 
  • Vijay’s belief that we will see autonomous buildings long before autonomous vehicles. 
  • How the Middle East is currently pioneering modern, autonomous buildings. 
  • How in the next 10 to 15 years, digital buildings will become the norm, propelled by the overall movement towards sustainability. 


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