On this episode, host David Wright welcomes Nancy Post, Vice President of Embedded Software and Solutions, Intelligent Solutions Group at John Deere, to discuss AI-enabled sustainability, work culture, and life lessons. 

David and Nancy discuss: 

  • Nancy´s journey to the role she has today: setting the strategic direction of critical technologies, and guiding research and development spending on a global basis. 
  • One of the most important life lessons: how much work culture matters.
  • The impact of creating key tenants for culture at John Deere.
  • How improving interfaces fosters collaboration, which in turn enables innovation.
  • The art of molding our brains and creating the pathways we want.
  • Nancy´s future vision of using AI-driven precision technology to increase efficiency in feeding the world’s growing population.
  • How John Deere is promoting sustainable development goals.
  • The significance of new sensing technologies (AI) that are automating vehicles.
  • The importance of understanding and empowering talent.
  • The piece of advice Nancy would give her younger self.


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