On this episode of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast, host David Wright welcomes Dr. Lee David Milligan, SVP and CIO at Asante.

Lee shares actionable advice on holding family ties close. He points out that family goes beyond blood boundaries. These strong ties are enough to keep moving forward in life. Add in shared critique, and the relationships can propel each person towards pinnacle accomplishments.

Lee also delves into his background, falling out of college on his first go around. A summer camp job working with kids with muscular dystrophy inspired Lee to jump back into university, where he eventually pursued emergency medicine.

Later, he foreshadowed the incorporation of technology into health systems and went back to school to do computer science. Now, he is heading over 300 people, expanding Asante’s enterprise-wide EHR with Epic.

“Anything you pursue, if you want to do it well, takes a tremendous amount of effort. Be willing to put in that effort.”

Lee delves into Asante’s vision as a healthcare partner and a shift to more focused preventative care. He also gives his predictions for the future of tech and healthcare.


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