Stay humble and lean into groups to derive the best answers; no one has all of the answers so utilize the diversity of thought inherent in collaborative teams. This is the recommendation of John Chelico, National / System Chief Medical Information Officer at one of the nation’s largest health care providers, CommonSpirit Health.

John’s diverse background, which includes database engineering, internal medicine, and biomedical informatics, has been integral to his continued success.

CommonSpirit Health boasts 146 hospitals in 22 states, approximately 25,000 providers, and 1,500 medical group practices. John delves into the economies of scale, the benefit of contract negotiations, and the difficulties of managing the nuanced changes in each market.

John shares his shortcomings and most significant learning points from his career. He highlights that the quickest solution is not always the best when working with providers and responding to regulatory agencies, and doing what’s best for the patient is vital.

Recapping his vision for the organization, John touches on telemedicine, virtual telemetry, and connection center strategy. Overall, he hopes to see increased trust and ease of care for everyone.


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