On this episode, host David Wright welcomes Gabor Szentivanyi, CIO at Kymera International, to explore: 

  • How a company’s primary objectives should be efficiency and cybersecurity to ensure the continuity of the business.

  • How CIOs have the ability to identify threats and risks and should clarify these issues for colleagues.

  • Gabor’s journey from working as a newspaper editor in Hungary to living in Germany and France to his current position as CIO in North Carolina.

  • How working hard and learning how to automate tasks were two of Gabor’s most important life lessons.

  • How every culture has its own added value and inherent limitations, which is why it is important to be attentive and to try to understand people.

  • How the number of personalities you have is directly correlated to the number of languages you speak.

  • How Gabor became the first CIO of his company and the tremendous value IT offers.

  • The biggest challenge Kymera International is facing right now — cybersecurity.


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