This week, David Wright is joined by Jessica Kalinowski, VP of DevOps and Corporate IT for connectRN, to explore how embracing challenges and leveraging technology can enhance healthcare delivery and clinician support.

Key Takeaways:

(02:23) Jessica introduces her role and the mission of connectRN to improve work-life balance for clinicians.

(03:08) The importance of stepping out of your comfort zone to drive career transformation.

(06:37) How DevOps principles can be applied across different sectors of a business to foster significant change.

(11:31) Jessica shares a personal story of resilience and its impact on her professional approach to site reliability.

(19:04) Discussing influential leadership books and the impact of modern leadership styles in technology.

(21:02) Vision for connectRN’s culture of reliability and shared ownership to support clinicians.

(22:15) The challenges of meeting the demands of a changing healthcare industry post-COVID.

(35:39) Jessica’s advice to her younger self on seizing opportunities and overcoming imposter syndrome.

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Bridgette Hyacinth on leadership

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