On this episode of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast, host David Wright welcomes Lou Senko, Chief Availability Officer at Q2, to the show.

Lou grew up in Canada, 12 hours north of the US border, but he’s all but left behind his remote upbringing. He had the desire to make an impact in his working life and chose companies no one had ever heard of out of college. His mindset and determination to focus on the areas in which he excelled led him naturally into leadership.

Now Lou heads the customer experience department. His teams oversee hosting security, compliance, and support. In his ten years at Q2, the company has gone from 13 IT employees and 240 servers to 12,000 servers and 2,200 people.

Lou gives credit to the technology but says it’s the people, trust, and relationships that have led to Q2’s tremendous success.

Lou shares his strategies for aligning his 400-strong team and keeping them motivated. He emphasizes the importance of keeping a balance in conversations between problems and achievements.

Initiatives to improve customer experience complement Q2’s rapid scaling up, but it all starts with the employee experience. 

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