On this episode of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast, host David Wright welcomes Tim Brown, EVP, Chief Information Officer at Johnson Financial Group, to the show. 

When Tim joined Johnson Financial Group three years ago, he became the first CIO at the 50-year-old, family-owned Wisconsin community bank. He had to bring a fresh new perspective to help modernize the company.

As for actionable advice, Tim advises to seek perspective. He shares a moving story about the difficulties his son faced early in childhood and his natural ability to transform the mood of a room. Anyone, irrespective of their position at a company, can garner support from others and make change happen.

Tim encourages his people to speak their minds. A foundation of trust and good relationships allows for flourishing communication. Then, innovation can emerge from this open dialogue. “Innovation starts at the root level.” The employees who interact with clients on a daily basis are the ones who understand the customers’ problems at Johnson Financial. 

Tim postulates the possible paradigm shifts in community banking from FinTech to embedded finance and AI. How does the balance of convenience and relationship play out?


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