On this episode of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast, host David Wright welcomes Steven Michaels, VP and Chief Technology Officer at SCL Health, to the show.

SCL Health is the 11th largest nonprofit healthcare system in the country. Steven heads the organization’s data center technologies, network servers, storage service desk, and the caregiver experience.

Throughout the episode, Steven reiterates the advice never to stop learning. To him, there are two forms of being a student. One’s a personal standpoint, learning about spirituality. The other is from a professional perspective, with leadership and relevant industry innovations.

Early in his career, Steven embodied a workaholic nature and took on less fulfilling roles for money. One of his greatest failures was taking a job for the pay. It matters to be grounded in something greater than work. He also advises pursuing passions and interests, and then the money will align.

Steven highlights the current initiatives he and his team are tackling. One is rolling out more solutions via the cloud, like a cloud contact center.

He sees healthcare moving to more community-based health and a value-based care system.


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