On this episode of the Disruptive Innovators: Champions of Digital Business podcast, host David Wright welcomes Andy Lehman, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President at Kettering Health, to the show.

Andy begins with the fascinating namesake of Kettering Health, Charles Kettering. Right under Thomas Edison, Charles was one of the most prolific inventors. He invented numerous items like the electric starter for the car.

Kettering is a Health Network in Dayton, Ohio, with nine hospitals, and it does around two and a half billion in net revenue.

Before becoming CIO and branching into healthcare, Andy was an entrepreneur. He started his own business when eBay first became popular on the web. Now almost a decade in the CIO position at Kettering, Andy shares many fascinating insights on digital transformation and his take on leadership.

He advocates for the willingness of individuals to develop their leadership capabilities. When a leader gets better, everybody from the individual to the team and organization wins.

Andy also dives into the importance spirituality has played in his professional and personal life. “Service is key. You’ve got to get out of the way at some point.”


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