On this episode, host David Wright welcomes Nimesh Mehta, Chief Information Officer at National Life Group, to discuss:

– Nimesh’s role at one of the top 10 life insurers in the U.S.

– Why it’s important to stop being comfortable and how leaning into discomfort is the fastest way to grow and learn.

– Nimesh’s life-changing realization that introversion equals superpower.

– Diversity of thought, which enables better business decisions.

– How technology is paramount in helping a company keep its promises.

– The three pillars of becoming a tech-enabled company: talent, execution and customer understanding.

– How National Life Group is simplifying the experience of life insurance, including its application process which is instant and doesn’t need human contact.

– How disruption is less about creating the next radical transformation but rather about stitching things together that already exist to achieve purposeful innovation.

– The intricacies of today’s talent market and its similarities to dating and marriage.


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